Profiling Using jMechanic

Launching a Profiled Application

To begin profiling your application using the jMechanic plugin, create a profiling launch configuration.  Select the class to be profiled in Eclipse.  With the appropriate class selected, choose Run... or Debug... from the Run menu.  A dialog similar to the following will be displayed.

Launch Configuration Image
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Select the Profiled Java Application, Remote Profiled Java Application or the Profiled Runtime Workbench type in the left pane and press the New button.  This will create a new profiled Java application launch configuration for the selected application class.

Profiling Views

jMechanic provides a number of views to help you understand the performance of your Java application. These views may be opened by selecting Show View from the Window menu.  The views can be found under the Profiler category when selecting Other... from the Show View menu.  The following views are available in this release of jMechanic:

Profiling Jakarta Tomcat Web Applications

Although there is not yet specific support in jMechanic for profiling Tomcat Web Applications, it is possible to set up a standard Profiled Java Application to execute a Web Application.  This assumes that the Sysdeo Tomcat plugin is already installed in your Eclipse environment.  To profile a web application, set your launch configuration to include the following settings.

Main Tab

Project:  Your web application
Main Class: org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap


Program Arguments: start
VM arguments: -Dcatalina.base=<tomcat directory> -Dcatalina.home=<tomcat directory>


Use default class path: Deselected
User classes: