Taking CPU Samples

To better understand the time being spent in your application, use the CPU samples view. Using this view, a snapshot may be taken to find out what methods are taking time in your application.

CPU Samples View

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View Data

The view data includes information about the most expensive parts of the application as captured by the snapshot. Snapshots may be taken at any point in your application and snapshot data may be cleared as well. The data shown is organized via stack trace with the stack frames that make up the trace shown as children.

The percentage field shows the percentage of times that the specified stack trace or stack frame were active of the total number of samples taken.

In addition to the toolbar and menu actions, the view supports the following:

View Toolbar Items

The toolbar items may be used to control the CPU sampling and snapshots.

Start Sampling

The start sampling item will begin recording of CPU samples.

Pause Sampling

The pause sampling item will pause recording of CPU samples.

Take Snapshot

The take snapshot item will take a snapshot of the currently recorded CPU samples and display the results in the view.

Clear Samples

The clear samples item will request the profiled application to clear any CPU samples that have been collected up to this point.

Filter Samples

Choose the filter action to filter out CPU Samples that you would prefer to ignore.   The title bar reflects the current number of CPU samples displayed versus the number of samples available in the snapshot.    Stack frames that are currently filtered will display (Filtered)  in the Percentage column.  If all stack frames are currently filtered, the entire stack trace will be omitted from the view.

For more information on filtering see the information on filtering.