Viewing the Heap Summary

The heap summary can help to see the performance of your application in terms of object allocations. This gross level view provides information concerning live instances and bytes, total allocated instances and bytes can also be viewed. The data to be displayed may be controlled via jMechanic preferences and menus defined within the view.

Heap Summary View
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View Menu Items

Included Data

Use this menu item to select the heap summary data to be included in the heap summary graph.

Update Interval

Use this menu item to specify the interval between updates of the summary data.
NOTE: The lower this interval is set, the greater the impact on performance of the running application.

View Toolbar Items

Request Garbage Collection 

Use this item to request a garbage collection in the profiled application.

Pause Updates

Use this item to pause further updates of the heap summary data.

Resume Updates

Use this item to resume updating the heap summary data.